Clarity Fund 2020 Spring Seminar

on the Clarity of General Revelation

Dubai, UAE

When:  Spring 2020

Where: Dubai, UAE

Cost:  Free! Accepted participants will receive a seminar package which includes single-occupancy lodging and meals. Travel assistance may be offered depending on availability and need.

Application Deadline: February 1, 2020


  • Clarity Fund's Seminar on the Clarity of General Revelation is a five-day seminar offering intensive training and discussion on the necessity of natural theology and the study of general revelation (Romans 1: 18-20; Romans 2: 14-15). Historic Christianity maintains that it is clear that God exists so that unbelief is without excuse and that the knowledge of the glory of God is our chief end. This is the basis for understanding sin as not seeking, not understanding, and not doing what is right. The Clarity of General Revelation (GR) and the reality of sin are the basis of our need for Christ as redeemer through whom we have eternal life which is the knowledge of God (John 17:3).
  • There is a Natural Moral Law which is clear because it is grounded in human nature (GR). This Natural Moral Law is the same in content as what is given in the Ten Commandments from special revelation (SR). This seminar will show how the Natural Moral Law given in SR is known from GR.
  • Examining the reading material sent to accepted students and at the seminar, students will explore the fundamental principles and premises that inform and guide epistemology, metaphysics and ethics in a general revelation context.


  • The seminar is open to seminarians and graduate students in philosophy, religious studies, humanities, political science and law as well as advanced undergraduates wishing to pursue graduate studies in similar disciplines. It is also open to Christian high school teachers in the humanities/philosophy and Bible classes and to college/seminary professors desiring to be challenged in the study of natural theology and the rational justification for the natural moral law. Applications are also welcome from pastors who recognize the need to bring the historic Christian principle of clarity and inexcusability to their congregations.     
  • A significant amount of time and resources have gone into making the seminar an intellectually profitable time for everyone. The expectation is that participants have read all the assigned reading materials before coming to the seminar, that participants attend all sessions, and that participants contribute thoughtfully with questions and comments throughout the five-day period. Reading materials will be sent to all applicants accepted into the seminar.


Fill out the application below!

    *What do you think it means to say that the eternal power and divine nature of God are clearly seen from the things that are made in Romans 1:20? (Needs to be no more than 100 words)

    *How do you understand what is taught about the Logos in John 1? (Needs to be no more than 100 words)

    *What is your view of eternal life described in John 17:3? (Needs to be no more than 100 words)

    *What is the importance of the church being one as Christ prays for in John 17:21? (Needs to be no more than 100 words)

    *Read WCF 1.1 and 21.1. What do these teach about what can be known about God from general revelation? (Needs to be no more than 100 words)

    *What is the goal of the Christian life? (Needs to be no more than 100 words)

    *Are you able to attend all five days of the conference (4pm Sunday through 10pm Thursday)?
    YesNo (please explain below) †

    *Are you able to cover your travel to and from Dubai, UAE for a week in March, 2019 (exact dates TBD)?
    YesI can cover a portion of my travelI cannot cover any of my travel
    *An example of your writing that is relevant to philosophy, ethics, natural theology, natural law or apologetics.

    *Resume and/or CV

    A letter of recommendation from a philosophy, religion/theology, seminary or law professor best suited to assess your ability. This letter may also be sent to from the reference. For Christian/Catholic high school teachers, a recommendation letter from the headmaster or principal of your high school may be submitted in place of a professor.

    † Your room will be reserved Thursday night should you choose to stay through Friday morning.